Trees are lovely. They’re also vital in keeping the balance and health of our environment. They absorb carbon dioxide and supply oxygen in the air. Thus, proper maintenance and care of your trees are crucial and required practices to maintain their growth and health.  

Tree care and maintenance practices can help you keep your trees lovely and healthy. Today, we’re going to share with you these practices, from tree removal Macon GA to choosing the right tree. 

Tree Removal 

Though trees provide a lot of advantages to your house, there are different reasons why you will want to get rid of them from the property. For instance, trees might get damaged after a severe storm. They might present a major risk to your family or property. Of course, you do not want to face the dangers of trees falling and destroying utilities, injuring your loved ones, or damaging your home. A professional tree removal company can help you get rid of your tree, whether it is big or small. 

Tree Spraying 

It is ideal to avoid pest infestation and tree disease. However, you should think about spraying your trees if pests and diseases attack them. On several occasions, you might need to utilize several sprays for effective control. Thus, it is vital to hire an expert tree care company that knows appropriate spraying tools to use, chemical combinations, and treatment types.  

Tree Pruning 

To encourage structural integrity and improve aesthetics, your landscape trees need high-quality pruning. Unfortunately, you need to prune your trees only after having an obvious knowledge of their biology. You might cause your tree to have shorter lifespan or get damaged if you have bad pruning techniques. When it comes to pruning, things to include are: 

  • Reduction 

Lowers the size of the tree. This is particularly crucial for creating clearance for utility lines. 

  • Thinning 

This is required to boost tree structure and light penetration. Thinning includes selective removal of branches.  

  • General Cleaning 

The removal of low-vigor, weak, diseased, and dead branches. 

Fertilizing Trees 

Decomposed plant materials and leaves enrich the soil in a forest environment. Unfortunately, almost every homeowner will get rid of these materials. This is particularly true when it comes to fallen leaves and grass clippings. However, you can apply a slow-release fertilizer to solve this issue. This fertilizer will slowly add nutrients to the soil. In addition to that, you should perform soil examinations regularly to know if the soil is lacking the required elements for proper growth. 

Enough Water 

Proper watering is one of the most crucial tree maintenance and care practices you have to perform. This is particularly true if you’ve got a newly planted tree. It is advised that you water regularly your trees if your area has not obtained any rain for weeks. Every week, mature trees need at least 1-inch of water. On the other hand, for newly planted trees, you will require at least 3 to 9 gallons.  

Maintaining and caring for a tree requires a lot of work. That’s why if you’re a busy person, you can always rely on a professional tree care company for help.